Aoi Budogu

Aoi supplies high quality goods. They are based in Canada.



Boguzen has been used by several people with good results.



e-Mudo is kind of the default dealer for the East Coast.  They have good quality equipment and reasonable pricing.


E-bogu is based on west coast, we often order here as a dojo.

Nine Circles USA

Nine Circles is based in Michigan and have good quality equipment at very competitive prices.


Triangle Kendo & Iaido

Triangle Kendo and Iaido is the parent organization for Carolina Kendo Kai


 South Eastern US Kendo Federation

 The SEUSKF is the regional federation we belong to


All US Kendo Federation

 The AUSKF is the national federation we belong to and that issues rank for promotions


International Kendo Federation

The FIK is the organization that oversees world-wide kendo and that holds the World Kendo Championships.