カロライナ 剣道  会

Carolina Kendo Kai 


  • Welcome to the Carolina Kendo Club website
  • UNC kendo is a member dojo of Triangle Kendo & Iaido. Through this association we are part of the South Eastern US Kendo Federation (SEUSKF) and All US Kendo Federation (AUSKF). When members pay Federation dues they become eligible for promotional (shinsa) and tournament (taikai).

We are ready to start our Fall semester practices! Our Fall schedule is:



Tuesday evenings in Woollen gym multipurpose studio (room B017) from 8-8:50pm

Sunday afternoon in Woollen gym multipurpose studio (room B017) from noon-1:50pm


Carolina Kendo Kai members, along with members from our parent club’s (Triangle Kendo and Iaido) Raleigh location, plus members from our friends at North Raleigh Kendo club will take part in a kendo demonstration at Animazement anime convention in Raleigh memorial Day weekend.

 Check our Facebook page for updates as well.




IMG_0928Club instructor Mike Watson (r) with Kenji Takizawa sensei (l) (8 Dan) at Takizawa sensei’s dojo in Atsugi Japan (Nov. 2014)


UNC Contact Information:

Mike Watson (instructor)

Teppei Tsurumi (Instructor)

Club officers: Hosung Hwang, Michalea DeGuzman, and Andy Ngo

Last update: 9/5/2017